My Studio

I am a member of the Make Space Studio artist community in Lambeth.

Our studios are right next to the train tracks at Waterloo – so you commuters may have spotted them.

I’m studio 59, and have been for a few years now.

The time has flown by and I’ve always felt I’m never able to make the best of my amazing studio space that I’m so fortunate to have.

Part of this is because of other commitments, such as a job working as a Wedding Coordinator (which I finally abandoned in favour of art world dreams earlier this year) and my new part-time job with Quantum Contemporary Art.

The start of my new blog marks what I hope will also be the start of a new artistic chapter of productivity. I am going to endeavour to spend all of my free time creating; working on small illustration or craft commissions, and importantly creating a new body of fine art work for exhibition in 2018.

P.S The illustration featured on this post is a little brush pen sketch of me – hair up, comfy clothes on, slurping cups of tea and browsing mags.

A x


New Beginnings

I’m sure this blog post will reach very few people…. actually maybe zero.

Nevertheless, I am excited to start afresh with documenting my creative journey.

I’m Amelia, a 25 year old artist from London.

I gained a degree in Fine Art (painting) at Wimbledon College of Art.

I work for an art gallery in Battersea and also on my own creative projects in my Waterloo studio.

First post….done! A x